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Individual & exclusive ... only you and me!

I offer solo trainings in visualisation for both beginners and advanced learners. These trainings can take place either in my own seminar room or - if you wish - also in one of your rooms.


Such a solo training is tailored to your very personal skills and needs! We work on whatever you would like to visualise and you decide at what speed you want to progress.


Generally speaking, it is best to start off with a unit of 2 to 3 hours. Further training units – if necessary or so desired – are fixed individually.


I think I have said enough for now…. I better let an enthusiastic customer talk about her experience:


Doing a flip chart training with Harald Karrer has turned out to be my best investment ever. With only 2 hours of solo training I have learned so much for my own job as seminar trainer. Loads of effective tips that are so easy to realise and apply. Not something that’s forgotten within two days. The response of the others was incredible. I have actually won two new customers just because of my new charts. I can truly recommend a training with Harald Karrer to anyone. Even absolute beginners - like me before this training.



Already convinced? If so then….

by Harald Karrer

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