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Some Feedback.

“So, can you tell us how it was for you?”

… in workshops and seminars


“I’m absolutely thrilled! I’ve learned so much. Truly recommendable. I can use all the stuff IMMEDIATELY.”


“This exceeded all my expectations. I’m no longer afraid of designing my flip charts differently now.”


“Very competent seminar trainer. Has been able to support all participants in an individual and optimal way. Full of fun, creativity and practical usage.”


“Great atmosphere. Highly recommendable.”


“Very important basics – from now on I’m going to be even more effective in my job.”


“These one and a half days have been very successful for me. I’m looking forward to buying all the material I need.”


“Thanks for the liveliest seminar I’ve ever been to!”


“Thanks for this wonderful seminar!“


“Simply great! Thanks.“




And sometimes I receive somewhat more elaborate feedback like this e-mail:


“Since 2006 I have been working as seminar trainer with flip charts being part and parcel of my job. But I never actually liked my charts. My handwriting was rather messy and my notes were usually lacking “liveliness”. That’s why I kept them to a minimum. Then I happened to meet Harald Karrer and thought at first that I could never ever do anything like that. But I was wrong. Four hours with him were enough to make me feel proud of my charts. What he did in this incredibly short time was to strengthen my confidence in trying out something new. He showed me how a few simple tricks can turn boring charts into lively scenes.

And what seems even more astounding people actually compliment me on my charts now and want to know where I got to learn such “art”. With great pleasure I can recommend Harald Karrer. His professional tricks and advices are of great help to any seminar trainers who want to improve their trainings.”

by Harald Karrer

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