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Leaving a great impact ….. Contents without images are!

Flip charts are brilliant instruments to attract great attention with a few lines only. In my flip chart trainings I can teach you how to make great designs even if you think that you can’t draw.


This is what we do: First of all, we have a good look at different types of fonts and their impact, then we dive into the realm of visualising with colours, forms and effects and, finally, top it off with an easy recipe for the whole set-up. Not only you will benefit from the training, but also your customers, clients and anyone that sees your charts and notices the difference immediately.





Professional and compact

Ideal for all those who have little time but would still like to present their flip charts to others.

No talent needed – success guaranteed!


Time flies and the results are tremendous!


Here are some examples. Quite good, don’t you think?

Special markers and crayons - the perfect material for flip chart design - is included in the price so that you can get started right after the workshop and compose your first spectacular charts!


Duration: 5 hours

Price: € 180 (plus 20% VAT)

*) Professional markers and crayons are included in the price.


please click here (to trainings in German - English on request)







Perfect after having been through basic training. You already know all about the basics and can concentrate on perfection and inspiration.


Duration: 8 hours

Price: € 250 (ex 20% VAT)

*) Professional markers and crayons are included in the price.



by Harald Karrer

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