Graphic Recording & Facilitation.

Leaving a great impact ….. Contents without images are!


Graphic Recording is always done live, right on the spot.


A graphic recorder transcribes the process of an event in a visual manner (e.g. a speech, conference, meeting, but also workshops) without actively taking part in this process.


Depending on the technique used, such graphic recordings can result in large-scale visualisations that may cover several square metres or be a set of many small picture cards arranged individually on a wall.


Text and images visualise the different contents of the event and greatly facilitate recalling later on.


All words said vanish sooner or later, while graphic recordings remain in the room. They leave a lasting impact and reach all those present for a long time and therefore effectively. The matters discussed linger on through these recordings and instigate further thinking.


Images stimulate our brains emotionally. This is when it is especially easy for us to learn, to be open to change or to something new. The advertising industry has known this for long, while most other fields where knowledge is being processed are still lacking far behind.


by Harald Karrer