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About me.


In 2010 I decided to fully specialise in visualisation and have put all my energy into the power of imagery ever since.


Working as consultant, seminar trainer and coach I soon realised that visualising was not only helpful for me but also for my customers and clients, who were getting extraordinary insights into their lives, companies, relationships and much more.


Quite often I received responses like “Wow, that’s incredible! Absolutely fabulous!”, which made me realise that what I was doing - visualising ideas, issues and relationships - was nothing less than a unique and inspiring art work.


I am also a fully licenced company consultant and, therefore, have all the knowledge needed to understand the economic background of the matters concerned; a perfect basis for powerful and expressive visualisations.


For some time I even enjoyed the luxury of studying philosophy at university where I learned how to analyse very complex matters and boil them down to their very essence.



Visualisations have completely changed my life for the better – and I’m totally convinced that this can be true for you, too!

by Harald Karrer

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