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Illustrations & Visualisations.

Leaving a great impact ….. Contents without images are!


Visualisations do the trick!


The human brain cannot but think in pictures. They are the ones that we draw on when we think, feel or act. A fact the advertising industry has known for long.


Visualisations form – to an amazingly high percentage – the basis of success; be it sales promotions, meetings, scripts or even non-fiction books. Simple symbols or the usage of a few colours may easily determine if others like or dislike our presentations, what we have to say or how we argue.


Would you like to know HOW to make the contents of your subject matters stick out and WHICH pictures would go best with these contents? Don’t hesitate to contact me for professional consultation. Or even better, let me realise this concept for you straight away – whatever you prefer!



  • Optimising sales promotions,

  • depicting business models in a clear fashion,

  • giving scripts some lasting editing,

  • illustrating books,

  • producing videos,

  • and much more…

by Harald Karrer

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