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Visual Transformation Coaching.

A clear picture is so important!


“What’s that?” you may wonder …. and perhaps also “What for do I need that?”


Both questions are totally legitimate. But before I answer them, please finish off the following three statements:


“Dreams come true when …”

“Problems are solved when …”

“Visions can be realised when …”


Quite spontaneously, how would you finish off these statements?




… when …………………………………………………………………………………..“


In all three cases my answer is the same: “… when there is a clear picture of them!”

For me this answer is perfectly obvious. And I am going to show you why a clear picture is so important.


Countless conversations with clients and course participants have shown me that what they needed most was a very clear picture. The clearer the picture they had in mind, the easier it was for them to fulfil their dreams, solve their problems and realise their visions.


In most cases people don’t have a clear picture of a certain issue. And even less so if they talk about their dreams or visions. When it comes to problems or challenges there may also be a strongly emotional side attached to it. In such cases a clear picture can be extraordinarily helpful - or, at times, even come close to a solution.


It is a kind of “visual map“ on which you can orient yourself, where you can clearly recognise your surroundings and your personal path. Pretty much the same as going on holidays and informing yourself beforehand how to reach your destination. Setting off without this information may surely be adventurous, but definitely not constructive.


Have you ever tried to imagine a visual map depicting your dreams, visions or solutions or could you even draw one? Not many people could, I suppose. At least not without adequate instructions.


And here is where my special talent comes into play!


As your personal visual transformation facilitator I enable you to get a completely new insight into your

  • thoughts

  • feelings and

  • visions.


And while you verbally display your thoughts and emotions I capture them on paper guiding you along a path of unburdened feelings on which you can clearly see how to live your dreams, realise your visions and find solutions that are optimal for you.


And I promise you that these images can help you change your life! So, just answer the following two questions: “Am I ready to reassess my dreams, problems and visions? Am I willing to take the next step in my life’s journey?”


Get yourself a picture of it – or even better – let me do so. Plan your life’s journey and have me draw your personal map!


Contact me for a first interview


  • Please fill in the form (will be sent to you after we have arranged a date).

  • Please send this filled-in form back to me BEFORE our first interview.

  • First interview is free of charge, there’s no commitment.

  • Coaching session – approx. 2 hours (can follow right after first interview, if so desired)


  • Coaching session: € 150 (ex VAT)

  • Visualisation – “personal map”: € 100 (ex VAT)

  • Any further coaching session (if so arranged): € 100 (ex VAT)

by Harald Karrer

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