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Visual Transformation Consulting.

A clear picture is so important!

There is something ALL companies have in common:

They want to take the BEST decisions.


Day after day those responsible within a company have to rise to the challenge of dealing with the company’s organisation, finance, staff, customers and much more. In an attempt to reach the best decision in each case they have to talk to many different people, forge plans, set objectives, etc. etc. Quite often this leads to no more than maintaining the company’s status quo.


Do you have a company that wants to grow, be innovative, excel or simply earn good money? This is only possible when ……


Quite spontaneously, how would you finish off this sentence?








when …………………………………………………………………………………………..


Let me give you an interesting answer…


“…. when there is a clear picture of it!”


A Harvard Business Study showed something quite remarkable. In this study students were asked if they had clearly written down their goals and had made plans how to achieve these goals in the future.


These were their responses:

  • 84 % said that they did NOT have any concrete goals.

  • 13 % said that they did have goals – but NOT in writing.

  •   3 % said that they had written down their goals and plans.


Ten years later, the same students were interviewed once again, but this time regarding their income. In a way the results were predictable, but still astounding.


84 %





13 %





3 %





Despite such overwhelming evidence of success most people have NO clear ideas, let alone in writing. Well, writing things down is not the answer to everything either. Our brain cannot process text alone. It needs to transform it into images and combine these images with relevant data, thus, producing a clear picture in the end.


Goals, visions, innovations, problem solving – clear ideas (that is to say clear pictures) are absolutely essential for success. Even in personnel management.


It is a kind of “visual map“ on which you can orient yourself, where you can clearly recognise your surroundings and your personal path. Pretty much the same as going on holidays and informing yourself beforehand how to reach your destination. Setting off without this information may surely be adventurous, but definitely not constructive.


Have you ever tried to imagine a visual map depicting your dreams, visions or solutions or could you even draw one? Not many people could, I suppose. At least not without adequate instructions.


This is where my special talent comes into play!


As your visual graphic facilitator

  • I enable you to get a completely new insight into how your business model works,

  • I help your team with developing new ideas,

  • I support your staff in jointly working towards a goal,

  • I assist you in strengthening the team spirit within your company,

  • and much more.


All this is possible thanks to my visualisations, which are descriptive, clear, well-structured, informative and constructive.


And I promise you that these visualisations can help you change your company!

Get yourself a picture of it – or even better – let me do it for you. Plan your company’s success and have me draw your company’s map!


by Harald Karrer

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