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Visualisation Training.

Leaving a great impact ….. Contents without images are!


Success guaranteed! Simple and effective – no matter how much you know already. But be prepared to receive best feedback from then on.


You know already what it means to visualise ideas, contents and matters, but don’t know yet HOW to do it?


Graphic recording is more than just producing images. It also includes the words that go with them. Both image and word together unfold their full impact.

In my half-day or full-day workshops held for you individually or for a group you can learn how to process different contents professionally and make it easier for your brain to memorise and remember them.


Simple and effective! That’s the motto of my trainings.

So, everyone can learn it – no special talent needed.


All words said vanish sooner or later, while graphic recordings remain in the room. They leave a lasting impact and reach all those present for a long time and therefore effectively. The matters discussed linger on through these recordings and instigate further thinking.


Images stimulate our brains emotionally. This is when it is especially easy for us to learn, to be open to change or to something new. The advertising industry has known this for long, while most other fields where knowledge is being processed are still lacking far behind.

by Harald Karrer

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